You know your time is limited when the thought of laundry stresses you out. There aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done on your own, and laundry is a side task that takes up more time than it should.

If laundry is taking up too much of your time, you should leave it to residential laundry services that offer pickup and delivery. Your laundry time will be reduced to leaving your bagged-up clothes outside, then picking it up as soon as the next day.

Not familiar with laundry pickup services? Their benefits include:

Flexible scheduling

You don’t need to commit to a rigid pickup schedule with a laundry pickup service. Scheduling is flexible and dependent on your needs. If you’re frugal with your clothing and have small laundry piles, you can space out your pickups. They don’t need to be weekly or monthly. They can be once every two weeks, or even ASAP!

With ASAP pickups, if you call the laundry service before a certain time in the morning, they’ll pick up your laundry the same day and deliver it the next business day. Not all laundry services offer ASAP pickups, so if you’re looking for maximum flexibility, check out a service’s full offerings before scheduling a pickup.

Minimal effort from you

All you need to do is schedule a pickup and leave your laundry outside as directed by the laundry service. For example, Laundry Care Express only requires that you bag your laundry into three separate piles (“Wash & Fold Laundry,” “Dry Cleaning,” and “Dress Shirts”) and designate where you’ll leave it. LCE will take care of sorting colors and fabrics.

Your first pickup will require a little more effort because you need to select your preferences. LCE asks how you prefer your detergent (Scented or Unscented), bleach (include or not), and whether you want your laundry folded, hung, or both. Once you’ve set your preferences, you’ll coast through your service with barely a thought.

Time-efficient cleaning and drying

One of the most stressful parts of at-home laundry is splitting your laundry piles into whites and darks, then splitting those piles into dry cleaning, handwashing, and machine washing. Those piles are further divided into heat levels, unless you don’t have time for proper care. Maybe you bunch together clothes despite their care instructions.

With laundry pickup services, there’s no struggle to alternate between handwashing at your sink, shuffling clothes from the washer to the dryer, and checking if your clothes are fully dry. You don’t have to shove your hand in your dried clothes and feel around for that one pair of pants that hasn’t dried like the rest of the load.

You also don’t need to lug your dried clothes to your room and fold/hang them before their creases harden into wrinkles. You can wave your struggles goodbye once you schedule your first pickup.

Ready to save time with a laundry pickup service? Laundry Care Express is here to help with over a decade of experience and proven results. Schedule a laundry pick up to get started today.



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