SINCE 2003
We conceived Laundry Care Express as an unobtrusive and safe option in residential services (we could all use some help, right?).

Now we've matured into a full-service business using the power of the Internet to make things super easy.  You simply leave your  laundry, dry cleaning, and dress shirts on your doorstep.  Then, voila... It's all back, fresh and clean the next day.

Our customers have helped us figure out a marketing tag line that's stuck:  "Picking up laundry... delivering freedom™."  

Put another way, the drudgery of laundry and schlepping dry cleaning to the shopping center is obsolete!  We've also recognized the value proposition that our expert care makes customers' clothing and linens look better and last longer.

Shortly after we launched our residential service, we began getting service requests from local businesses - now an important part of what we do for companies large and small!

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