5 Reasons to Switch to a Laundry Delivery Service residential laundry services Laundry Care Express

It’s hard to fit everything into a weekly schedule, family, personal, and professional obligations take up every minute of your time, and you often wish you had more minutes to spare. Because of your busy lifestyle, signing up for a laundry delivery service as part of a package of residential laundry services makes both financial and logistical sense.

Here is why crossing off “doing laundry” from your to-do list should be a priority for you and your family.


Doing laundry requires one major commitment: Time. A laundry delivery service can do much more than pick up and drop off your clothes. With a business such as Laundry Care Express, you can ask us to wash and fold your laundry, which ensures you have your clothes ready for immediate storage. If you are in the middle of an exceptionally busy weekend and there appears no time to do laundry, hiring a laundry delivery service is the answer to fitting laundry into your incredibly busy schedule.


Some of your finer apparel deserves to be treated delicately, such as formalwear and business attire. When you hire Laundry Care Express for residential laundry services, you have several options that take care of all your laundry needs. You can ask us to pick up and drop off clothes that require dry cleaning to ensure you present the best possible appearance when you interact at work or at a formal event.

Fast Service

One of the reasons why many people hesitate to hand over residential laundry services to a business concerns the lack of speed for getting an order done. The common perception is if a business picks up your laundry on Monday, you might not get the laundry back until the following Monday. However, fast service is the foundation of any successful laundry business such as Laundry Care Express.

We operate on the motto. “Gone today, back tomorrow.”

Remove Tough Stains and Odors

The best professional apparel cleaning services such as Laundry Care Express make a difference for many reasons. One of the most important reasons involves getting rid of hard-to-remove stains and odors. You might have tried every stain and odor removal strategy, without achieving any level of success.

When you sign up for the laundry delivery service offered by Laundry Care Express, you can expect your clothes to arrive home in mint condition.


A professional residential laundry services business uses equipment that washes and dries clothes in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our large machines use less water to wash more clothes for each load. The result is a decrease in the use of energy to wash and dry clothes, as well as less exhaust pumping out of our residential laundry services facility.

If you want to free up more time each week, one of the most effective strategies is to sign up for a laundry delivery service to leave your apparel in the highly capable hands of the professionals at Laundry Care Express.

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