Proper laundering can add years to your clothes and make them look as good as they did when you bought them. You already know the common rule of separating whites from darks, but that’s not only to keep the darks from bleeding into the whites.

Whites should be washed differently to maintain their brightness. The pros at residential laundry services thoroughly understand the unique demands of whites, and know how to efficiently and effectively keep them clean and bright. You can mimic them by understanding how to brighten faded whites and maintain them.

Freshen grayed or faded whites with bleach

Whites turn grey when you don’t use enough detergent, or when soil redeposits from other dirty laundry in the wash. Aside from splitting your whites into “very dirty” and “mildly dirty” piles, you can pack fewer whites into the washing machine at a time. You can also use bleach to brighten the greys and the whites that aren’t as shiny as they were when you bought them.

There are a couple ways you can bleach your whites. The simplest way is to swap out your all-fabric detergent for one that includes bleach components. If this doesn’t work, and your whites seem to be thoroughly saturated with grey, try using a regular detergent and adding bleach to your washing machine’s bleach dispenser. Run the cycle as usual.

If at-home bleaching doesn’t work, you’ll want help from residential laundry services. They have tools and processes that might be beyond your skills.

Maintain brightness with proper washing

Half the battle is restoring your whites. The other half is maintenance to prevent fading. Aim to wash your whites within two days of wearing them. If you wait too long, your body oils might soak into the fabric and leave yellow stains.

As soon as you find a stain, treat it with a stain remover. Stains can also be destroyed by using the exact amount of recommended detergent. Extra detergent won’t make your clothes any cleaner, and the same goes for too little detergent. Double check your detergent instructions to confirm you’re not over- or underusing.

Ultimately, you should care for your whites according to their care label. If they should be washed at a certain water temperature, double check your washer settings. Water that’s too cold can cause your detergent to leave streaks, while water that’s too hot can damage your whites.

If you’re worried about damaging your whites while keeping them shiny and bright, Laundry Care Express can free you from the stress with their expert care. Schedule a laundry pick up to get started today.


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