Are you planning a business trip or a long-awaited family vacation? If you are getting ready to get away for several days, you have items to take care of on your to-do list. One item that does receive much emphasis is packing your clothes. The way you pack your clothes determines how many pieces of luggage you take on a flight, as well as the number of suitcases that fit in the family car.

One of the ways we provide residential laundry services is to offer tips for our customers, including packing tips for clothing.

Create a List

The clothing list you create for a business trip or family vacation should include the apparel you need. You should include clothing that is appropriate for the reason of your trip, as well as take into account the climate of where you are going. For example, bringing along a raincoat during a weeklong business trip to Seattle is a good idea. Check the extended forecast for where you are going and plan your clothing list accordingly

Efficiency Matters

Whether you are leaving town for a couple of days or more than a week, you do not want to pack your entire wardrobe. Focus on the purpose of your trip when you select clothing. If you and your family are traveling to the Gulf Coast for a little rest and relaxation, you should focus on bringing along lighter apparel. You do not need to pack every variation of shirts and pants that hang in your closet.

Army Roll, Do Not Fold Your Clothes

Also referred to as a ranger roll, army rolling your clothes saves you space inside of suitcases and other types of luggage. The technique requires a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you should reduce the number of suitcases you need to bring along for a trip. Army rolling your clothes also does a great job of preventing wrinkles.

Laundry Away from Home

One of the most effective strategies for saving space when packing clothes involves planning to do laundry while you are away from home. Instead of packing your dirty clothes for the trip home, you can wash and dry them to wear the same apparel a couple of times on the same trip. Keep the liquid laundry detergent at home and spend a few quarters getting laundry detergent from a laundromat dispensing machine,

Use Packing Cubes

Although saving space is the most important reason to learn how to pack clothes for a business trip or family vacation, you also want to stay organized throughout the entire time you are away from home. Packing cubes solve your organization dilemma by allowing you to separate clothes, toiletries, and clothing accessories.

Keep Bulky Footwear at Home

Unless you are planning a weeklong vacation hiking the majestic vistas of the Rocky Mountain range, you should keep your boots at home while you travel. Keeping bulky footwear at home also applies to high heels and high-top sneakers. For a business trip, pack one pair of dress shoes and one pair of casual wear shoes.

A Light Packer is a Smart Packer

Organizing your clothes for a business trip or family vacation removes one factor that causes stress when we travel. If you do not feel like doing laundry while you are on the road, pack your dirty clothes in one suitcase and take advantage of our laundry delivering service to get your clothes clean. We also offer dry cleaning and dress shirt laundry services.

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