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You have conducted the research, and the result overwhelmingly convinces you to trust the cleaning of your clothes to one of the residential laundry services operating in your area. Having a team of professionals clean and dry your clothes makes sense on many levels, starting with you saving considerable time by not having to do laundry yourself. With a hectic professional schedule combined with numerous personal obligations each week, relying on one of the residential laundry services operating near you gives you more time to dedicate to more pressing issues.

A residential laundry service also ensures your clothes receive the best treatment possible, which includes removing every stain while preventing unsightly shrinkage and the loss of apparel such as one or more socks. Saving on energy bills is another advantage of outsourcing your laundry, as well as not investing in a brand-new washer and dryer that can put you back a couple of thousands of dollars. Choosing the right business to do your laundry also means you enjoy the benefits of a residential laundry delivery service.

You have made the right choice to outsource the washing and folding of your laundry. Now, what characteristics indicate you have chosen to use a great residential laundry service?

First Impression Matters

Residential laundry services that implement sound operating standards run a business that remains clean throughout the day, even if the business volume keeps the residential laundry service bustling from open to close. The facility you select to outsource your laundry should be kept in immaculate condition, which means no dust, dirt, or any other material around to taint your clothes. There should be no smoking allowed anywhere near the facility to retain the fresh scent applied to your apparel.

Positive Reviews

During the research process, you have read the customer testimonials posted on different websites. Positive testimonials do not tell the entire story concerning the reputation built by a residential laundry service. You also want to spend time reading the customer reviews uploaded to sites such as Yelp and Google. Not only do positive reviews indicate you are using a great residential laundry service, but the positive reviews also should present a few common themes, such as reliability and the quality of cleaned apparel.

Customer Service

You can determine the level of customer service during the first call made to a residential laundry service. Did you get the answer to all your questions in a polite manner? Did someone pick up the phone after just two or fewer rings? Did you receive complete answers to every technical question, such as how does the business handle delicate clothes designed with highly vulnerable fabrics like silk? Customer service often is the factor that differentiates the quality delivered by residential laundry services.


You already know about the money saved on energy bills, as well as investing in a new washer and dryer. However, does the business under consideration offer the affordability of competitive rates that keeps you under budget for outsourcing the cleaning of your clothes? Pay special attention to residential laundry services that offer cheap prices, but have earned the reputation of delivering poor quality in terms of clean apparel. Spending a few dollars more for the best residential laundry service more than covers the cost of wearing shabby-looking clothes.


If a business promises same-day laundry services, your clothes must be ready for pick up when you leave work for the day. This is especially true for a laundry delivery service that promises to pick up and drop off your clothes at certain times. Because convenience is a major factor in your decision to outsource the cleaning of your clothes, a residential laundry service should back up any claim of saving you time. Another important factor of convenience is a residential laundry business that backs up the promise to pick up, clean, and drop off your clothes “as soon as possible.”

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