Residential Laundry Services

Your Home Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services

Home Laundry Pickup

Wash & Fold

We take care of your everyday laundry needs and more! We will wash & fold your clothes, delicates, linens, blankets, and large items such as throw rugs and car covers. Our team carefully separates your items by type and color.

Professional Dry Cleaning

Remembering to drop off your suits and specialty clothing is a hassle. Give us a call for pick up and delivery. We'll take care of all your dry cleaning items and return them clean and wrinkle free!

Dress Shirt Services

Would you like starch or no starch? Whatever your preference is for your dress shirts, you can count on us to pick them up and return them clean, crisp and wrinkle-free.

Home Laundry Delivery Service

Gone Today, Back Tomorrow

Our pickup services provide the gentle and discreet care required for your personal laundry and dry cleaning.

When you sign up for our residential laundry services, your laundry will be picked up and scheduled to be delivered the very next business day*.

Click or call by 8 AM for the same day pickup and next (service) day delivery.

*Service days vary by pickup location – click here to see if you're in our service area.

One Pickup – Three Services

We offer expert Residential Wash & Fold Laundry, Dry Cleaning, and Dress Shirt Laundry services — speed, convenience, and quality.

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Free Pickup and Deliveries - Gone Today, Back Tomorrow

The Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz County Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service That Delivers

Speedy service comes standard (and free) at Laundry Care Express – Simply click or call by 8 am for a same-day pickup and next business day delivery.

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Fast Residential Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services

At Laundry Care Express our residential laundry services are designed to provide customers with the highest quality of home laundry care while giving back time to spend on the things that matter most!

One Less Chore = Many More Things to Enjoy

Each of our three services: Wash & Fold, Professional Dry Cleaning, and Dress Shirt Laundry can be scheduled in one easy pickup. You choose how often you want clean clothes.

  • Weekly? Done.
  • One-time ASAP? We've got you covered.
  • Need a later date - like after your family camping trip? No problem.

Stop digging out those not-so-fresh jeans and eeking by with one more wear!

Schedule a pickup and get clean, folded laundry delivered back to you the next business day!


Alyssa F.

I needed some extra help when I went back to work and had a small baby, and Laundry Care Express saved the day (repeatedly) for me. The price was good, and we never had any problems. Plus, it was super easy!

Leslye L.

I have used their pick up services for at least 10 years. Although what I send out has changed, the quality, punctuality, and friendliness has not. I have even gifted my daughter with a few pickups. Great service!

Don F.

I love this service! I've been using it for years and as a single guy it's perfect! Always on time and when something goes wrong they are great at communication regarding the issue, however it is very rare that something comes up! Clockwork every week! Thanks!