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One Pickup – Three Services

In addition to dress shirts, we
offer expert dry cleaning and
wash & fold laundry  speed,
convenience, and quality.*

Dress Shirt Laundry Service

We'll ask for your starch preferences  then your shirts will come back clean, pressed, and hung on hangers.  You'll lose little time getting out the door and looking great!

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Gone Today, Back Tomorrow!

Your trips to the store-front dry cleaners may help you get out more, but they don’t get your shirts back faster than we can.  One-day turn-around is our standard – click or call by 8 am for a same day pickup and next day delivery (business days, Monday – Friday).**

 * Please bag and label your bag "dry cleaning/dress shirt laundry" (we'll sort it out); separately bag and label your "wash & fold laundry".
** Service days vary by pickup location.  Click here for your area.


Two Steps to Get Started

numberone_revSchedule a pickup:

or call 1-877-LAUNDRY

by 8 am for a same-day pickup and next day delivery**

numbertwo_revBag your laundry, dry cleaning, and dress shirts:

Use trash bags or pillow cases for your first pickup...

  • • Wash & Fold laundry
    • Dry Cleaning/Dress Shirts
    (bag separately from Wash & Fold)

Label your bags accordingly (Your order will be returned with color-coded bags making this unneccessary for your future pickups.)