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When you conduct research to find the best company that delivers residential laundry services, you consider several criteria, including cost, timing, and quality. One criterion that many customers fail to consider is called dry cleaning. What makes dry cleaning better than other types of residential laundry services?

There is more than one answer to that question.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning represents a proven residential laundry service that uses a specially formulated cleaning agent to clean clothes without causing any damage. Although water is not the primary cleaning agent like it is when using a conventional washing machine, the dry cleaning process does involve using liquids to remove tough stains. Many customers of residential laundry services believe dry cleaning is just for high-end apparel such as formalwear and business suits. However, the dry cleaning process is appropriate for any type of apparel, and here are the reasons why.

Preserves the Quality of the Most Delicate Fabrics

Contemporary improvements in the dry cleaning process include the use of natural cleaning agents. The reduction in the use of chemicals means a much more gentle dry cleaning process. You can have a business that provides residential laundry services and dry cleans your most delicate fabrics without worrying about a diminishment in quality.

Convenient Way to Clean Your Clothes

Dropping off your clothes for dry cleaning and other types of residential laundry services represents the most convenient strategy for taking care of a time-consuming chore. You bring your clothes to Laundry Care Express before work and return after work to take home the clothes you gave us for dry cleaning. Even better, Laundry Care Express offers a laundry delivery service that allows you to avoid rush hour traffic, while relaxing at home after a stressful day of work.

Expert Folding

The best residential laundry services offer a wash and fold laundry option that ensures every article of clothing retains crisp edges and does not develop unsightly wrinkles. Folding laundry is even more important for dry-cleaned apparel because of the pristine condition of the clothes that go through the dry cleaning process. Instead of spending time trying to master the skill of folding clothes, you let us do the work for you.

Most Effective Cleaning Method to Remove Stains and Odors

Have you ever put a load of laundry through a wash cycle to discover after the cycle some of your clothes still contained stains? Have your clothes ever smelled less than fresh after a conventional wash and dry cycle? At some point, all of us have answered yes to both questions. When you bring your clothes into Laundry Care Express for dry cleaning, you can expect our process to remove every stain, as well as have your clothes smell as fresh as they did on the day when you bought them.

Longer-Lasting Clothes

When you bring your clothes to a professional residential laundry service, you can expect the business to dry clean your clothes by following the most careful process. Just avoiding a washing machine can prevent damage and make your apparel last much longer. The color of your colors will be brighter and the dry cleaning process restores the visual appeal of any type of fabric.

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