In 2020, videos went viral of people soaking loads of laundry in bathtubs filled with a Borax solution. The result: clothes floating in a puddle of murky water. The solution supposedly stripped out all the grime, leaving the clothes fresher than they’d ever been. Before you try out this method, read below to learn how it works and if you’re better off with residential laundry services.

What is laundry stripping?

Laundry stripping isn’t a new washing method. People have been using it for years to remove built-up detergent, fabric softener, and hard water minerals, but it was the viral videos that pushed it into mainstream knowledge. What’s the difference between this method and regular washing? Laundry stripping is a far more intense process, as it strips away everything that was left behind by your laundry machine.

Should you use laundry stripping? When?

If you’re risk-averse, don’t strip your laundry. Likewise, if your laundry is delicate or full of favorite clothing items, stick to standard washing. Or if you still want a deep clean, use residential laundry services. 


Laundry stripping isn’t a gentle process, which is why professionals either recommend using it in moderation or not at all. And when recommended, it’s usually for use on bath towels and bedsheets, and whites or light-colored clothing. The hot water and solution can strip dyes off colorful clothes and fabrics that aren’t colorfast. If used too frequently, laundry stripping will prematurely age your laundry. 


If you use laundry stripping, limit it to once a month at the most, and follow the below steps.

There are three steps to laundry stripping:

  1. Prepare the solution
    • Fill a tub with hot water, then add ¼ cup of Borax, ¼ cup of washing soda, and ½ cup of laundry detergent. Gently stir the water until the mixture completely dissolves.
  2. Soak the laundry
    • Add in clean laundry, completely submerging it. Let it soak for at least four hours with occasional stirring. The water will become dark and murky, which is a sign of all the build-up loosening.
  3. Rinse
    • Drain the tub, then squeeze out the excess water. Put the laundry in the washing machine for a rinse with no detergent, then dry as usual.

If you’re looking for a deep clean that won’t prematurely age your fabrics, use residential laundry services.

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