Laundry Care Express helps your clothing and other washables look better and last longer – while making your laundry and dry cleaning experience as convenient as possible.   Here’s a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions… find your answers here! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Laundry Instructions

Do I need to separate my white, colored, and delicate laundry items?

No. We'll sort everything out before it's washed. We even do our best to sort your laundry by family member before we package and bag it for delivery. Easy!

I like unscented detergent and light starch. Will you record my preferences?

Yes, of course. When you place your first order it's easy to tell us your preferences for your wash & fold laundry, dry cleaning, dress shirt laundry -- even your pickup and delivery! We'll remember and do things that way unless you change your preferences later.

Do I need to separate my dry cleaning/dress shirts from my wash & fold laundry?

Yes. We want to make sure that your dry cleaning/dress shirt laundry does not get washed with your wash & fold laundry – so be sure to put these in separately labeled bags: "Wash & Fold" in one bag, "Dry Cleaning/Dress Shirts" together in another bag. (This gets easier when you get our color-coded "Wash & Fold" (purple) or "Dry Cleaning/Shirt Laundry" (teal-colored) bags when you receive your first delivery.)

I have a stain, can you get it out?

We’ll do our best! If you have a stained item, please separate it from your other laundry, placing it in a smaller bag inside your larger laundry bag with a note telling us what the stain came from. And time is of the essence — the sooner we have it the better. As a first step, be sure to remove any residual staining material that is still on your article, flushing it with cold water from the back of the stain to push it out of the fibers. Then we’ll go to work and do our best to get the stain out! Of course... trying to remove some stains is like trying to teach a cat to do the laundry — it’s a noble, but ultimately futile effort.


What are your prices?

To see our price list click here.

Can you help estimate how much my wash & fold laundry will weigh, since it’s priced as “Laundry by The Pound”?

Good question! You are correct our Wash & fold laundry is charged by the pound (and weighed when it's clean and dry!). Here are some typical assortments to help you size up your laundry:

10 pounds
20 pounds40 pounds
2 pairs of jeans4 pairs of jeans8 pairs of jeans
2 long-sleeve shirts1 pair of shorts
2 pairs of shorts
5 t-shirts4 long-sleeve shirts
8 long-sleeve shirts
1 cotton sweater/sweat shirt
10 t-shirts
20 t-shirts
7 pairs of undergarments
3 cotton sweaters/sweat shirts
4 cotton sweaters/sweat shirts
7 pairs of socks
14 pairs of undergarments
28 pairs of undergarments
1 towel
14 pairs of socks
28 pairs of socks
1 set of sheets
3 towels
6 towels

1 set of sheets
2 sets of sheets

1-3x5' throw-rug

Of course, your laundry may vary from these "average" loads. But, in practice, customers tell us they get a good feel for this after they get their first laundry back

Do you have gender-neutral pricing on items like womens' "blouses" and mens' "dress shirts"?

Yes, absolutely. Avoiding the case of silk blouses or decorative ruffles, it's often the case that womens' blouses are subtly shaped by darting and pleating to match the feminine form. These blouses often require hand ironing rather than the easier machine pressing that usually works for men's dress shirts. On the other hand, mens' dress shirts may also require hand ironing due to their construction. Our bottom line: we chose our processes according to the construction of each item, not the gender of its wearer -- to give you the best value and gender-neutral pricing

Is there a minimum charge?

A minimum charge applies for wash & fold laundry and dry cleaning/dress shirt laundry (waived if accompanied by wash & fold laundry). See the Prices page for details. This helps us efficiently launder and pickup/deliver laundry.

What are my payment options?

Laundry Care Express accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit/debit cards that you give us when you schedule your first pickup. You will not need to re-enter your credit card for future pickups – card numbers are encrypted and securely stored at industry-leading Authorize.Net (not on our servers and we can only access the last four digits).

Pickup & Delivery

What time do you pickup and deliver?

We start at 8 AM on most days and usually make all our pickups and deliveries by late afternoon (but sometimes the evening hours if it's busy!).  Because our routes vary each day we do not offer specific pickup or delivery "windows" (see "Do I have to be home for pickups and deliveries?").

What days do you pickup & deliver in my area?

If you’re a customer with a Laundry Care Express account, click here to login and see your available pickup days.

If you don’t have a customer account yet, click here to see your available pickup days for your ZIP Code.

Deliveries are on the next service day in your area after your pickup.

Do I have to be home for pickups and deliveries?

No. Most of our customers leave their items near their front doors where our drivers can find them. Or, you can tell us if you'll leave your laundry in a special place (at the back door, etc.) and we'll leave your laundry in the same spot. At your direction, we'll only deliver if someone answers the door.  Don't forget to leave us your gate code if you have one!

Do you pickup and deliver on holidays?

Our service holidays (no pickups or deliveries) are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If your delivery or regular weekly pickup falls on one of these days, we'll be there the following business day (even if that's not a normal service day in your area).

How do I cancel a scheduled pickup?

Before the 8 AM cut-off time you can click here to cancel your pickup through this website or call us at 1-877-LAUNDRY (528-6379). This is especially important if you've scheduled regular weekly pickups (like every Wednesday) and won't need a pickup.

Should I tip the driver?

No. Our drivers don't accept gratuities – but will gladly accept a smile and "thanks" for a job well done.

Other Questions

Where do I get Laundry Care Express bags for my first pickup?

Use plastic trash bags or pillow cases. Don't forget to label them "Wash & Fold" or "Dry Cleaning/Dress Shirts". You'll receive our color-coded Laundry Care Express bags with your first delivery – making it easy to keep your wash & fold laundry and dry cleaning/dress shirts separate.

I will be traveling (have an important meeting, special event, etc.). Is it okay to schedule my pickup so that the delivery is the day before my departure?

Well... yes and no.  Ninety-nine percent of the time you'll be okay.  But, sometimes we find stains that take us more time to treat.  Or, there are other things beyond our control -- quality is our top concern.  So, if you absolutely, positively need to have your laundry and dry cleaning back at a certain time, it's sensible to schedule your pickup so that you have an extra day, or two!

What can I do with the hangers and plastic bags that I get with my deliveries?

Send them back to us with your next pickup.  We'll re-use and recycle them.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes!  Click here for more information on the perfect gift of crisp, clean laundry and effortless dry cleaning  – with the ease of our speedy pickup & delivery service!

Another question?

Please contact us.